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Gobeklitepe: The Oldest Temple In The World

What do we know about Göbeklitepe,

which was built 12 thousand years ago?

Gobeklitepe gobeklitepe ancient city

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The world’s first and oldest temple?

What do we know about The Legend of Göbeklitepe

Göbeklitepe is a temple

that changes history, the architecture of Göbeklitepe, and the meanings that this region carries stand in a very important place to get detailed information about the history of humanity. So much so that Göbeklitepe, which is estimated to have been built 8000 years ago even from the pyramids, is one of the most important places in Turkey, which is today listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
So, What does Göbeklitepe say and how much can we make sense of? If you’re ready, we’ll start our Göbeklitepe guide.
gobeklitepe ancient site

What’s In Göbeklitepe?

The Neolithic period, archaeologically called pottery-free (M.He. Göbeklitepe, classified as a region of 9600-7300), is a series of structures, mostly circular and oval in shape, built on top of a hill.
turkey gobeklitepe

Where’s Göbeklitepe?

Almost everyone wonders where Göbeklitepe is. Göbeklitepe is a historical region in southeast Turkey, about 15 km from the city of Sanliurfa.

turkey ancient gobeklitepe

When Was Göbeklitepe Made?

Before the great monotheistic religions, before the Greek gods, before Ancient Egypt, and before the Hittites, there was only one place that made up the oldest known religious place in the world. It is the oldest known temple complex and the oldest known pilgrimage site. Where was that place? It was Göbeklitepe.
Şanlıurfa Göbeklitepe was built exactly 12,000 years ago! Hz. 10,000 years before Jesus traveled the world, pilgrims from all over Mesopotamia flocked here to visit the huge temple complex built in Göbeklitepe. Urfa was the most important place in the world thousands of years ago with Göbeklitepe region.

historical gobeklitepe

When Was Göbeklitepe Found?

Let’s tell those who wonder when Göbeklitepe was founded; the discovery of Göbeklitepe architecture and site took place in 1963, while the first scientific excavation began in 1995, and the resulting findings changed long-term assumptions by adding new pages to history.
In 1995, with the help of the German Archaeological Institute, Prof. Klaus Schmidt


Why Are There T-Shaped Columns In Göbeklitepe?

We have prepared the most detailed guide you can find information about Göbeklitepe.
There is a reason there are T-shaped columns in Göbeklitepe. All the columns here are T-shaped and range in height from 3 to 6 meters. Archaeologists interpret these T-shapes as stylized people, mainly because there is a depiction of human limbs that appear in some columns. What is also seen in these mystical rock sculptures are animal carvings on columns as well as abstract symbols, sometimes showing a combination of scenes.
Foxes, snakes, wild boars, cranes, and wild ducks are the most common on the pillars in Göbeklitepe. Most of these are carved into the flat surfaces of these columns. Then again, we also encounter three-dimensional sculptures in the form of predators depicting a lion descending next to a T-column. Thus, the meaning of the columns in Göbeklitepe is solved.


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