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What is Valentine’s Day

Celebrated on each 14 February ????? WHY! we are pleased to explain the real history behind. 

How did Valentine’s Day originate?

There are many legends;

First Valentine’s Day Legend

Valentine’s Day. The first myth is the holy marriage of Zeus and Hera. In the ancient Greek calendars, January and February are considered the months of Gamelion and are dedicated to the marriage of Zeus and Hera.

Second Valentine’s Day Legend

According to another legend, February 15 was celebrated in Ancient Rome to honor the god of fertility, Lupercus. For this special day, the priests of Lupercus sacrifice goats. Then they touch everyone and bless people by symbolizing Lupercus with goat skin.

Real story of Valentine’s Day

Real legend is the Christian holiday on February 14. On February 14, young boys and girls throw the papers on which they write their names into a box, and as a result of the draw, the couples stay together during the holiday. However, this holiday is prohibited. At that time, some persecution was applied to Christians and they were not even allowed to marry. Saint Valentine, on the other hand, helps the Christian people despite all the prohibitions and helps the Roman soldiers who are forbidden to marry secretly. He is also executed for these aids. However, the transformation of February 14th, when St. Valentinus is commemorated, into Valentine’s Day is realized with a poem by the famous English bard named Geoffrey Chaucer. The English poet writes lines that bring together romance and love with Saint Valentinus in this work. After that, Valentine’s Day celebrations celebrated in the name of Valentinus spread all over the world.

history of valentines day


The Early History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, a priest who lived in Rome in the third Century. There are numerous tales about St. Valentine and after some time these accounts developed into the legend we know today.

At a great time, Romans were changing over to Christianity, yet the Emperor Claudius II was an agnostic and made severe regulations concerning what Christians were permitted to do. Claudius accepted that Roman warriors ought to be totally dedicated to Rome and subsequently passed a regulation keeping them from wedding. St Valentine started to wed these warriors in secret Christian services and this was the start of his standing for having faith in the significance of adoration.Ultimately, Valentine was discovered and imprisoned for his violations against Claudius. While detained, Valentine really focused on his kindred detainees and furthermore his jailor’s visually impaired little girl. Rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that Valentine relieved the young lady’s visual deficiency and that his last venture prior to being executed was to keep in touch with her an adoration message endorsed ‘from your Valentine’.

Valentine was executed on 14 February in the year 270.


how did valentines day create

How did Valentine’s Day create?

It wasn’t until over 200 years after the fact that 14 February was broadcasted St Valentine’s Day. At this point Rome had become Christian and the Catholic not set in stone to get rid of any excess agnosticism. An agnostic richness ceremonial was held in February every year and

the Pope annulled this celebration and declared 14 February Saint Valentine’s Day

 consequently laying out this feast day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints.

The writer Chaucer in the Middle Ages was quick to interface St Valentine with heartfelt love. This was the start of the practice of cultured love, a custom of communicating adoration and profound respect, typically covertly. This exclusively spread all through Europe and stories developed with regards to a High Court of Love where female adjudicators would govern on issues connected with adoration on 14 February every year. Antiquarians accept that these gatherings were indeed social events where individuals read love verse and messed around of tease.

valentines day symbols

Valentine’s Day Symbols

The act of sending love messages formed into individuals sending extraordinary cards communicating their love. These cards were delightful manifestations high quality by the source and independently intended to show the amount they cherished the beneficiary. Cards would typically contain nostalgic section, declaring the magnificence of the collector and the amount they were adored.

Holy person Valentine’s Day cards were enhanced with pictures of cupid, hearts and blossoms and managed with trim and lace. These pictures are as yet utilized today to represent love and are perceived everywhere.


special valentines day

What is Valentine’s Day in Contemporary Times?

While Valentine’s Day is praised in many nations, various societies have fostered their own practices for this celebration. In certain regions of the planet Valentine’s Day is seen as a day for communicating love between relatives and companions, rather than that of heartfelt couples. A few customs incorporate leaving lollies and presents for youngsters and others incorporate demonstrations of appreciation between companions.

Valentine’s Day is generally normally connected with heartfelt love, with a huge number of Valentine’s Day cards being traded every year. Gifts of roses or a solitary red rose are sent with heartfelt messages to friends and family and couples hang out.

Many couples decide to observe Valentine’s Day with supper, an outing or extraordinary home-prepared feast. Numerous eateries offer supper advancements and food is regularly given images of adoration like hearts and blossoms.

Another famous Valentine’s Day movement is to enjoy a lavish inn stay in a delightful area, permitting a couple to move away from everything and partake in some quality time together.

Check the tours on the right side to find Tour packages and travel options for best Valentine’s Day.

Propositions to be engaged are additionally famous on Valentine’s Day, and it isn’t unexpected picked as the ideal day to communicate their affection and responsibility. Some engagement propositions are conveyed innovatively, for example, in the wake of moving to the highest point of a mountain, or posting a message on a board. Anything that the technique, propositions to be engaged made on Valentine’s Day are for the most part heartfelt and paramount.


When Valentine’s Day Celebrated?

14 February

What is the best gift in Valentine Day?



Top 10 Valentines Gifts :
Greeting Cards.
Soft toys.
Electronic Gadgets.
Photo frames

valentines day gift

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is a time to drag out all of the stops for the woman you love most. Flower deliveries and heart-fashioned goodies are super and all, but they are able to come upon — hate to mention it — a bit lazy. This 12 months, go together with this kind of absolutely particular Valentine’s Day items for her to shower your girlfriend, spouse, daughter, mother or valentine with the kind of love she merits.

As you browse via this listing, recall what type of romantic gift will make her coronary heart swell. If words of affirmation are her love language, pour your heart into the pages of a fill-in-the-clean book to remind her precisely what stuck your eye way lower back when (and all the days when you consider that). Or if you need to make your bond even more potent, select up a date-night time bucket list and deliver her the pleasant gift of all: pleasant time with the person she loves most (you!). No remember what you choose, all of those ideas will placed your coronary heart on display, particularly in case you opt for any of the one-of-a-kind Etsy presents that you may customize with considerate messages, lovely couples images or internal jokes.

If you’re nevertheless recovering from excursion spending, we’ve got you protected with tons of cheap Valentine’s Day items (many may be ordered as last-minute) to be able to nonetheless earn you major brownie points.


valentines day gift guide


What Can Be Bought For Women As a Valentine’s Day Gift on February 14?

Although it may seem easier for women to buy gifts, too many options make things difficult. Let’s get to what can be bought for women on Valentine’s Day, February 14. Clothing, cosmetics and perfumes for women are often among the preferred gift options But in order to present a unique gift, we recommend giving preference to jewelry. Jewelry, which is a gift that your lover will carry on dec at any moment and will remember your love as you look, is the most special among Valentine’s Day gifts..



Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts for ‘Him’

What Can Be Bought For Men As a Valentine’s Day Gift on February 14?

Men in general like such gifts as technological products, sports goods and shoes. However, you can offer him a different gift option. So, what can be taken for a man on Valentine’s Day, February 14?  you can purchase the most accurate and exclusive gift, taking into account the style and tastes of your lover.


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Long Distance Couples

They say distances don’t make any difference when recollections are sweet. Yet at the same time missing your long-far off companions is regular.

You can’t share your joy or their anguish however what you can share is the common sensation of earnestness. No power on earth can prevent you from being important to other people. While being away from one another, you actually share a power of profound devotion, thought, and dependence. Also it’s what we as a whole craving. It is an indispensable relationship Aristotle once called the common love of individuals who hope everything turns out great for one another.

To praise this bond, what you can do is send each other gifts that can in any case carry a grin to the face. The unique one who has been your neglected advisor up and down your difficult situations should be dealt with exceptional sometimes. You roused each other to continue onward. Presently it’s your chance to cause them to feel cherished and recognize in any event, being far off. Doesn’t make any difference the explanation whether you are separated for various working areas or on the other hand in the event that one of you is finishing studies in a far territory, you can in any case praise your adoration.

valentine's day

Presents for Long Distance Boyfriend or Girlfriend

It’s said that a relationship works flawlessly insofar as you’re giving however much you are getting. However, when obviously, there are miles associated with a relationship, the street appears to be uneven for a smooth ride to the objective of foreverness. In any case, it’s not difficult to make it work. We are here to assist you with this issue. We have enrolled a couple of choices to cause you to restore the sensations of neglected love by giving them one of a kind gifts on this exceptional event.

Altered Star Map outline

In the event that you can’t visit your cherished one by and by, the least you can do is go through a world of fond memories and see the unique second where you initially met one another. While they are pitiful and missing you, cause them to feel loved by amazing them with altered star map outline addressing the very place where your eyes met and way crossed. Make them realize that you are continuously contemplating them and how appreciative you feel to have them in your day to day existence.


Altered 3D Print Moon Lamp

assuming very much like the moon, your huge one is far off from you, for now, present him/her this lovely and extraordinary 3D print moon light on this valentine. Keep the extraordinary second alive and commend it without limit. You can redo the shading and foundation of the casing as per your taste. Put it out there that not even the main distance can cut off the delightful friendship as our own. Make this significant distance relationship work by liking each other’s presence.



assuming you are searching for that specific gift to best suit your adored one’s taste yet confounded. The most secure method for selecting is to go for an e-gift voucher. Thusly, you are giving them opportunity of decision while as yet regarding their inclinations. This valentine makes it additional exceptional by sending an e-gift voucher either a google play store or a Netflix membership one. Contemplate their advantage and pick one from many accessible choices.



Nobody can at any point have such countless candles. It is best 100% of the time to go for a wonderful smelling candle to gift this valentine. Make your friends and family delayed down for every so often, set a disposition and pull together. It will assist them with adapting better while they are separated from you. Beside a remarkable gift, it can prove to be useful to set an energy and visit the happy times you spent together. There are many choices to pick from. Go warm and rugged for dig in winter flows or brilliant and new if you’d rather gift a confident note.


Adaptable Coffee Mug

In the event that you and your significant other love espresso or tea however much we do, then, at that point, these cups make certain to be a hit. Assuming you inhabit a separation from one another, a charming espresso cup with a customized note makes an inconspicuous gift. An espresso cup that is dishwasher and microwave safe, imprinted on the two sides. It very well may be utilized for home and office. They can drink espresso each day in that exceptional cup gifted by you. There isn’t anything better than a significant note on a mug that will make the person in question think about you. As you lived respectively and share stories and recollections of your adoration, it will be an ideal gift.




As the colloquialism goes by on the off chance that he brings you chocolates. He is a manager. Adhering to this guideline, you can cause her to feel unique this valentine off guard chocolates. A heart-molded box of chocolate is an indication of affection, an image – and regularly adornment of sentiment, and a fundamental piece of Valentine’s Day. We have the special chocolate plans to the ageless top picks utilizing either Dark Chocolates, Milky Chocolates, and White Chocolates. Ready by master culinary specialists to assist you with praising your affection.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Travel 


Where should I go for Valentine’s Day?

  • San Francisco, U.S
  • Paris, France
  • Cappadocia, Turkey


What is the most popular Valentine’s Day destination?

Most Popular destination in 2022 for Valentine’s day is chosen as CAPPADOCIA !


Where should I go for Valentine’s Day vacation?

  • New York, New York
  • San Francisco, California 
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Savannah, Georgia.
  • Denver, Colorado


For Europe

  • Cappadocia, Turkey
  • Porto Santo. Madeira Islands – Portugal
  • Burano. Venecia – Italy
  • Paris, France
  • Shaped Heart Route. Spicnik – Stjerska Region – Slovenia


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