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Abu Ayyub-ul el Ensari Halid Bin Zeyd is one of the most well-known sahabes (companions of the Prophet) born in Medina during the Prophet’s time.

When the prophet Muhammad (s.a.v) migrated from Mecca to Medina, El Ensari welcomed him for 7 months in his house until they built a Prophet’s house. After the death of the Prophet, he led the Islamic army all the way up to Constantinopolis. During the siege, El Ensari died in Constantinapolis.  They buried him there. In 1453, Sultan Mehmet discovered his grave and built a mosque on behalf of El Ensari.

The mosque is located in the northern Golden Horn. It is one of the busiest mosques in Turkey. It is called “Eyup Sultan” in public. The mosque has two minarets, a courtyard, and a central dome. The tomb of El-Ensari is located in the outer courtyard of the mosque and is open to visitors all year round.

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Ayyub Al Ansari Mosque Istanbul

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